Bronagh Holmes Luxury awarded the Butterfly Mark from Positive Luxury!

What a fantastic start to 2017! I am absolutely thrilled that Bronagh Holmes Luxury has been awarded the Butterfly Mark by Positive Luxury. Staying true to my brand and ethos is paying off. 

Created out of a love of Fashion and Luxury but with a desire to make a difference and an awareness of our social and environmental responsibilities, Bronagh Holmes Luxury is working towards a more sustainable and conscious new luxury. Using leathers which are by-products of the food industry, including fish leathers which come from sustainable fish farms and until recently they were classed as a waste product is one way of reducing our carbon footprint.  

In recognition of our efforts, Bronagh Holmes Luxury has been awarded the coveted Butterfly Mark, by Positive Luxury. The Butterfly Mark is recognised as a guarantee of commitment to sustainability and offers wordless reassurance that Bronagh Holmes Luxury is a brand to trust.

Check out the interview  on their website here or click on the interview below.