I would like to give a huge "THANK YOU" to a few people who have been amazing - helping and supporting me throughout my long and tough journey!

  • First and foremost I couldn't have followed my dreams and launched my business without the huge support I receive every day from my amazingly loving and selfless Mum, Eileen and Dad, Jackie! Thank you so much to you both, you are amazing, inspiring, unbelievably giving and I love you!
  • My brothers, especially James and my amazing sister Katy, for being there for me whether it's taxi's, tea making or late night rants! Thank you for making me laugh every day. 
  • My Grandparents Kathleen and Eddie, for your wise words and support. My Aunts and Uncles who have helped and supported me along the way especially Eddie and my Fairy Godmother Mary.
  • My friends near and far who have pushed and believed in me, even when I didn't, thank you! Thank you for the hour long phone calls, laughter, tears, rants, advice, coffees, wine, mezcal and dancing. Thank you for helping me make the hardest move of my life and supporting me throughout my testing times. You know who you are and I love you all!
  • Lowry and Brian at Moville Pottery for helping me with my first studio space, lots of laughs, wise words and advice. Thank you!  
  • Nerissa Moore for modelling in my Luxury Bags photo-shoot.
  • Donal Doherty Photography for the beautiful images from the photo-shoot with Nerissa.
  • Everyone who has helped me along the way, "Thank You!".